There’s nothing like a party to inspire some spring cleaning, and I’ve been trying to declutter while I’m at it. I have a stack of books I plan to list on Paperback Swap, and another to donate to the library. Once upon a time I thought it was better to sell used books, but for the price… unless it’s a rare book I find it’s more convenient to do something else.

So tomorrow is the big day, and we’re pretty much all set. I have to make macaroni & cheese and a salad in the morning, but goodness knows I’ll be up early enough where that won’t be a problem. The weather is supposed to be very warm, so I plan on having everyone eat on the deck. The kids will all enjoy running around and playing on the swings, so that will work out great! Let’s just hope everything else falls into place.

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  1. I also need to sort out the books to swap. Do you know Bookmooch? It’s a great book swapping site and it’s international. You might wannna check it out too 🙂

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