Tangled Up In…


… purple and white? Sigh… well, in this case yes. I was getting my projects organized to bring to Craft Night tonight, and found that someone has been playing with my yarn.

Who can blame her? It’s all so soft and cuddly. Sometimes Laura pretends that the skeins are her “puppies” and drags them around by the “leash”, which is probably what happened to these two. At least they’re not the pricey ones. I’m much more careful with those 😉

So, what to bring, what to bring… I feel like I always bring the most mundane projects because I can’t focus on my stitches while chatting, so I might work up a few Christmas trees. I can now make those in my sleep and I am making a few more of the garlands for gifts.

Well, I suppose I should try to roll this yarn back up into something manageable. Serves me right for leaving my stuff where it shouldn’t be, LOL!

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