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bandana dress


I have so many sewing and craft projects in my “to do” pile, that I get dizzy thinking about them. But since I had the luxury of kid-free time today, I thought I’d tackle one that promised to be quick: the bandana dress.

bandana dress (to be)

I’ve read tutorials for bandana dresses and pillowcase dresses and honestly, I think the end product looks pretty much the same, but since the bandana version did not require any cutting, I went with this tutorial from Trey and Lucy. And yes, it was every bit as easy as she makes it sound! I spend more time fussing with the ribbon and getting the bows just right. Truth be told, I would prefer to have lime green ribbon, but white was the only thing in my stash that matched. I can easily switch it out later. Also, I think the 1.5-inch ribbon is a little overwhelming. I’ll have to see it on Laura. The next one (because there will be a next one, oh yes!) will use narrower ribbon.

The cool thing about this dress is that you don’t really have to use bandanas. Just cut fabric you like to the size of a bandana (well, I suppose you’ll want to sew back the raw edges, but you know what I mean. I can’t wait to make these using holiday or seasonal fabric. I think this type of dress will look really cute over a turtleneck in the winter!


bandana dress

And, of course, I’ll have to make a hair bow to match đŸ™‚

circus party prep (with resources)

balloon wreath

Lulu’s 2nd birthday is quickly approaching and I am frantically trying to finish up all the prep for decorations and planning. I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve gathered so far. First, as shown above, I couldn’t resist making a balloon wreath. They were all over Pinterest and are so easy to make. You can find tutorials at How Does She and Two More Seconds. I’d like to add my two cents: this is a fun, inexpensive, and quick project. I completed in in under an hour. However, I would highly recommend using a thimble to push those floral picks into the wreath form. I did not and my finger was still hurting the next day. Total cost was under $7. I purchased the balloons at Dollar Tree (three packages) and the wreath form and picks at Hobby Lobby. They were much cheaper than Walmart or Michael’s.

On to lunch! I’ve finalized the menu and I’m keeping it super-simple and kid-friendly: hot dogs (I’ll use my large slow cooker to steam them since I have to make a few packages), mac & cheese, fruit salad, popcorn, and oriental cole slaw. For appetizers I’m planning on making antipasto skewers (not circusy, I know, but I can only have so much junky food) and a veggie tray. Beverages will be water, soda, lemonade, and double-berry sangria (obviously for the grown-ups, and a recipe I have yet to put together). I found these great popcorn bags to use! You can find them all over Etsy (overpriced, honestly). After extensive searching, the best price I could find for a reasonable number was from eBay member “frozendrinks.” It cost $5.65 (free shipping) for 50 bags.

circus party prep

circus party prep

As for the cake… yikes, I’m still deciding what flavor! I will probably do a white layer cake with strawberry filling and white icing. If I can’t find blue and white sprinkles, I’ll use blue and white M&Ms around the outer edge of the cake. Maybe (maybe) I’ll use some licorice whips to make a scalloped pattern along the sides. We’ll see about that. And since I am not a great cake decorator by any means, I’m not trying to make a design on the top of the cake, or even write “Happy Birthday.” Instead, I made a bunting that I will attach to skewers. This was another quick and easy project (also no-sew!). I used ribbon from my stash, fabric glue, and baker’s twine. I’m putting together a tutorial, but I’m sure you can easily figure it out yourself.

circus party prep

Finally… favors. As most people who plan a circus party do, I’m using popcorn containers from Target’s Dollar Spot to hold the goodies. I also have clown noses (purchased from eBay member lookwhatabargain for $5.99/dozen (free shipping)) and animal crackers ($1/box at Walmart). I need to figure out one or two more items.

circus party prep

circus party prep

circus party prep

I still hope to sew a fabric bunting to decorate the food table, but if I don’t get to it… I won’t beat myself up about it. Red and light blue streamers will suffice. I think things are coming together well, and I just hope that it doesn’t rain on the party day!

bows for the big game

Honestly, we are not football fans around here, but I know many people who get really into it. And since not everyone can be in Texas for it (oh, to be sipping iced tea while sitting underneath ceiling fans instead of warming my hands around a cup of tea while sitting in front of the wood stove!), parties are super popular. My friend Anita is probably the biggest Steelers fan I know, so I decided to make a bow for her daughter using the team’s colors. And then I figured I’d make a couple more (and I couldn’t leave out the Packers) and list them in my Etsy shop. Check ’em out:

super bowl-inspired bows

If your team didn’t make it this year, there’s always next year, right? And don’t forget that I take custom orders. If you have a favorite sports team let me know — I can make any kind of bow you want so even the littlest of fans can cheer ’em on!

ideas are spinning


Lately I have so many ideas for hair bows and so little time to actually make them. They never said that creativity was a good treatment for insomnia, and with good reason — I can barely fall asleep at night thinking of everything I’d like to do! The other day I did have the chance to play around with my ribbons and this is one of the bows I made. I am totally in love with it and I am still debating whether or not to list it on my Etsy shop or keep it for Laura. I think I need to make a duplicate bow.

I just placed an order for a bunch of ribbon and clips. I’m excited for it to arrive so I can experiment with some new styles. I also ordered some really gorgeous printed ribbon I plan to use for headbands. These will actually be better suited for older girls and teens. The ribbon designs are less “cutesy” and a little more sophisticated.

Hopefully I can get some Valentine’s Day-themed bows up soon. There is just never enough time to do everything I want to do, unfortunately!