{Review} 2012-2013 Erin Condren Life Planner

Erin Condren Life Planner

Last year around this time I started hearing about Erin Condren on various blogs. Several of the online deal sites had specials last fall and I was able to snag a half-price voucher. So, for my birthday, I got myself my very first Life Planner. And I fell in love with it!

I’ve been using it daily (well, let’s be honest — multiple times daily) for almost a year now and I can honestly say that no other planner has worked so well for me since my old Filofax in college. Since I’m starting to plan appointments and school events into next year, I decided it was time for a 2013 planner and again I chose Erin Condren.


There are so many cute designs that I literally (literally!) agonized over this decision for a couple weeks. My husband was so tired of me going back and forth and asking his opinion on color combos. He’s a saint for putting up with me, I swear! Last year I chose the Zig-Zag pattern. This year  I wanting something totally different so I went with the Candy Lace design in a custom colorway (lime and dark gray). I also requested that my first name be printed in purple because I wanted one more color on the cover.

While the overall layout is the same, there are a number of changes to last year’s design. Most noticably, it now has a metal coil (instead of plastic), and laminated monthly tabs. I never had a problem with the plastic coil, but the metal coil is certainly sturdier and looks a lot nicer.


Another change is the monthly calendar page. It went from a single page to a two-page spread. I was thrilled to see this! It’s much easier to write information down on the larger calendar blocks. Of course, there’s a trade-off and gone are the lined note pages before each month. I liked to use those as a line-a-day journal (when I remembered to do it), but I can easily include that information in the weekly spread. And there are also several blank sheets (both lined and unlined) toward the back of the planner so there’s plenty of room for notes and doodles.




The weekly spreads are the same, with the exception that the weeks no longer break up (even if the start of a new month disturbs the continuity. To me, it’s fine either way. Here’s a peek at what a weekly page looks like:


Now, while we’re talking about the bulk of the planner let’s also talk about paper. In the old version, the monthly calendar was on a heavier cardstock-weight paper. To me, it served as a great divider and I could easily flip between months. The current version no longer has this. I’m a little worried the monthly tabs might rip off, so I’ll have to be careful.  I’m sure it’ll hold up just as well, though. I think this might be a way to help trim down the thickness of the planner. As you can see, the new version is not as thick.


Erin Condren’s new version of the Life Planner also comes with sticker sheets, though fewer than last year. This year you get three sheets of pre-printed stickers and one sheet of blank stickers. Last year I got two sheets of pre-printed stickers and four sheets of blank stickers (I still have so many left unused!). Overall, this isn’t a big deal to me. I still have my “leftover” stickers, plus you can purchase extra blank sticker sheets. Or you use washi tape (like me) or other calendar stickers.


The folder design at the back is slightly different. The new version is one sided with a deeper pocket. This is great because my papers are always falling out of the old version of the folder. And there’s still the zip-lock pocket at the back, the perfect place for the labels that come with the planner as well as stamps and appointment cards.



Oh, one addition that I really like but don’t see mentioned in many other reviews: the Address Page. You can write down addresses & phone number for up to 14 people. It’s a great quick-reference for people you contact the most. And yes, there is still the My Important Numbers page. I use this all the time and keep the numbers for my kids’ school, my hairdresser, oil company, plumber, our doctors… they’re all right there.

Erin Condren Address Page

Overall, I’m very happy again. At $50, this planner is a huge splurge for me, but I use it faithfully and it works for my style of organization.  (Keep in mind that each planner is hand-produced in the U.S.A. — to me, that’s worth shelling out a little extra money!) It averages out to about 14 cents/day for something that helps keep me on time, remember birthdays, know what’s for dinner, and remember everything I need to do on any given day.

The only other thing I’d like to see on the Life Planner is some sort of elastic band to help keep it closed. But I improvised and just made my own, instead 🙂


So there you have it! If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my referral link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).

* I was not compensated in any way for this review. I purchased the Life Planner completely on my own and just wanted to let you know why I love it! However, this post does contain an affiliate link. *

Menu Plan Monday

It’s the first full week of school here (the boys went back last Thursday), and the temperatures are making cooking an absolutely pleasure! It’s cool and fall-like and I love it. I also love the return to a clear-cut routine, so hopefully my weekly meal plans will again be posted regularly. So let’s start with this week’s, shall we?

  • Monday: Chili & garden salad
  • Tuesday: Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, CSA veggies, salad
  • Wednesday: Meatballs, steamed broccoli, salad
  • Thursday: Leftovers
  • Friday: Pizza burgers, CSA veggies, salad
  • Saturday: Grilled steak, baked potatoes, salad

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menu plan monday #1

I never got my meal plan up yesterday, but that’s not because I didn’t write it! I actually had it all set, but never wrote up the post. So here you go. A quick & dirty list to start the year, but hey — better than nothing!

  • Monday: Leftovers
  • Tuesday: Slow Cooker BBQ ribs, twice-baked potatoes (from the freezer), roast butternut squash, salad
  • Wednesday: Slow Cooker Chicken tacos (lettuce, cojita cheese, avocado, tomatoes, cilantro, corn tortillas if you want one), spicy black bean soup
  • Thursday: Sausage Parmesan, salad
  • Friday: Turkey burgers, salad, zucchini chips
  • Saturday: Pizza night! Cauliflower crust with chicken, broccoli, onions, peppers & black olives or traditional crust with pepperoni. Salad.
  • Sunday: Chicken Parmesan meatloaf, steamed broccoli

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erin condren at plum district


I’ve been reading all about how amazing the Erin Condren Life Planners are and last week (or the week before) I missed out on the deal One King’s Lane was having. But lucky for me, Plum District is currently running the same deal! For the next day and a half, you can get a $50 gift certificate to ErinCondren.com for $25. And you can use the code fabulous to get an extra 10% off your order.

New sign-ups might also get an extra bonus, but I’m not sure. Either way, this is a super-great deal and I cannot wait to order my new planner! But if you’re not the type of girl who is into organizers, she also has fun and colorful cards, labels, and all kind of goodies. The designs are fresh and modern and cheerful!

If you sign up for the Erin Condren deal at Plum District, I’d really appreciate if you’d use my affiliate link! Thanks!

The Fine Print:

  • May not be applied to taxes & shipping
  • Limit 3 per person
  • Cannot be combined with any other specials or offers
  • Voucher NOT valid for personalized iPhone cases
  • Limited quantities available
  • Expires 1/24/2012

menu plan monday: 1.6-1.12

Good Monday morning! Here we are at the start of another week, though this one looks like it might be free of any major snow storms. Wouldn’t that be something? Here’s this week’s menu plan:

  • Sunday: Date night for me & Drew. Pizza for the boys.
  • Monday: Turkey bolognese, whole wheat spaghetti, green salad
  • Tuesday: Soup & sandwiches
  • Wednesday: Chicken, rice, veggie
  • Thursday: Burgers, sweet potato fries, cole slaw
  • Friday: Leftovers
  • Saturday: Take-out maybe?

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I haven’t been doing so well on my big plans to get organized this year. The last two weeks have been crazy and I haven’t completed a single project. But I’ve got one in the works for this week: tackling my home management binder. It is in need of some serious updating. I’d love to get my hands on a velobind machine, but for now I’ll make due with my standard binder. I am going to make it a priority this week to spend some time going through my paperwork and figuring out what worked (and what didn’t) the last time I worked on this.

Check back on Friday for an update on my progress!

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organization challenge: week 1

Today is a snow day. Although there wasn’t much on the ground when we woke up this morning, the snow is now coming down steadily and I’m sure the roads are slick. A snow day beats worrying about whether or not the bus will make it home safely in case of an early dismissal! Anyway, with three kids running around instead of just one, I figured I’d start with a manageable organization task: re-organizing the kitchen “desk drawer” which had become a junk drawer. Check it out:

kitchen drawer re-org

This is where we keep all the basic office supplies, but no one could ever find a pen or a pencil. And no wonder! They were hidden under all this stuff:

kitchen drawer re-org

kitchen drawer re-org

There were note cards with pretty designs of art prints that I ended up throwing away because they were dirty (from stray pencils and crayons). We had three staplers in there. Three screwdrivers. Who knows how many screws, nuts, washers, and nails? It was just so much junk that I couldn’t stand it. It probably took me about 30-40 minutes to whip it into shape. Aaah, much better:

kitchen drawer re-org

I told the boys where everything is supposed to go, and I hope they don’t just start throwing things in there. This is one “hot spot” I really need to stay on top of, but having completed this one project is a huge load off my mind!
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2011 goals: organization

Getting organized seems to be a continuing goal — something I’m constantly striving to achieve. And just when I have things in good order… BAM! Something (like a holiday and school vacation) comes along and throws my system all out of whack. And not that I’m blaming my little one, but a certain curious, active toddler doesn’t make things easier. At the moment I feel completely overwhelmed by all the projects I have going, so when I read about Laura’s year-long project, 52 Weeks of Organizing, I knew I had to take part in it. Small projects, manageable chunks, little by little… Yes, I can totally do this!

I’m starting by making a list of — you guessed it — the 52 organizing projects I plan to tackle in 2011. Off the top of my head I know I want to work on my craft cabinet, my bow-making supplies storage, the “junk drawer” in the kitchen, my desk, the Tupperware cabinet, and my closet. I don’t think I’ll have any problem reaching 52, LOL!

What about you? Do you have any organizing puzzles you want to solve this year?