So Tired Today

My hydrengea’s looking so pretty!

I love Wednesdays because the library is closed so typically it is a day off for me. And with it being summer, I didn’t need to get up early to get anyone ready for school (and, obviously even it it wasn’t summer, with this raging virus the kids would all be distance-learning from home and not needing to catch a bus). Of course, the one day I can sleep in, I was up at 4 a.m. and could not get back to sleep. Does that ever happen to you? Anyway, I am beat.

I did take advantage of the early start though. I got out of bed around 5:30, make a cup of tea, tossed in a load of laundry and made out my to-do list. Then I took a walk outside to check on my flowers. Overnight the deer devoured the day lilies by the road, but at least the ones by the house are still fine. I just need the pesky critters to leave them alone until after Sunday when we are having our parents over!

Throughout the day I chipped away at little projects. You know how they tend to stack up after a while.

… Finally switched out the bedspread on our bed from our heavy quilt to a much lighter coverlet.

… I repotted a little cactus that was in dire need of a new home. Jake got this cactus years and years ago, and honestly if I remember to water it a few times a year that’s it. But it keeps on growing.

… Printed out a few recipes I need for the weekend.

… Made everyone’s favorite for dinner: burgers and fries.

While I was getting dinner started, Drew had to drive Jake into town to fill out an application for a summer job. The place where he worked last summer (and where he’d planned to work again during this tourist season) was not able to open due to Covid, unfortunately. He hates not working, so even though this would just be for about a month before heading to college, it’s something. So we will see.

As for now, the kitchen is cleaned up and I’m looking forward to a shower, fresh PJs, a little ice cream, and zoning out in front of the TV for a little while.