{made by dad} glue gun holster

Who has the best dad ever? I do!!! A couple weeks ago I sent my dad a link to this idea that I originally found on Pinterest:

Source: ebay.com via Carol on Pinterest


How genius is that? My dad is quite the woodworker, so I had no doubt he could make this for me, I just didn’t know how many of my mom’s projects he had lined up. But he was actually able to get on this as soon as he read my e-mail 🙂 He made it all from scrap wood. The only thing he had to buy was the tile used to catch stray glue drips.

Glue gun caddy my dad made

I love the storage area for extra glue sticks. Mine are always rolling around in the cabinet where I (used to) keep my glue gun. Not any more — they’re all corralled!

And because my dad is super smart, he added a couple screw eyes and a mini bungee cord (cut to size) to hold everything together when I’m not using it.

I’ve already tested it out with a couple crafts I’ll be posting soon. It is the greatest! Thanks again, Dad!