Free Back to School Planner Stickers

Free School-Themed Planner Stickers

Two weeks from today, my kids start the first day of school for the new year! I’m eagerly awaiting all the school mailings — bus routes, calendar of events, and so on. In anticipation of all that fun stuff, today I have a fun goodie for you! I designed a back-to-school planner kit that is free for your personal use.

The boxes are sized for the Erin Condren Life Planner, but should work in most other planners. I had a lot of fun designing this one. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful! You can print these on full-sheet labels or just print them on regular paper and use a glue stick or tape runner to make the stickers adhere. Most often, I do the latter because it’s cheaper.

Free School-Themed Planner Stickers The set includes: — 6 Early Dismissal Stickers — 12 No School Stickers — 2 notebook page Things to Do full boxes  — 2 telephone icons (can use a 3/4″ punch to punch out) — 2 meal planning icons (can use a 3/4″ punch to punch out) — 2 arrow icons (can use a 3/4″ punch to punch out) — 2 coffee icons (can use a 3/4″ punch to punch out) — 4 paper clips stickers — 4 glasses stickers — 2 blank appointment stickers — lots and lots of flags

Click here to download this free set of stickers (for personal use only).

Free School-Themed Planner Stickers

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10 Sources For Gorgeous (And FREE) Planner Printables

I am still (im)patiently waiting for my new planner to move from the order pending stage into production. If you’re in the same boat as me, this is a great time to shop around for cute planner accessories. Everyone knows that there are dozens of creative women selling planner stickers on Etsy, but sometimes a splurge isn’t always in the budget.

I’m always looking for great sources of free, printable stickers that I can use in my Erin Condren planner, so I decided to put together a list of offerings from some very generous bloggers who have some designs available for download. Get your sticker paper ready and warm up your printers!

  1. Vintage Glam Studio – This blog is amazing! She offers gorgeous sets of printables that you can use in any planner, whether it is EC, Plum Paper, Filofax, or something else completely. Whether you’re looking for page accents, full-box stickers for your EC, or cute checklists, this is the place to go. The sets are high-quality and not to be missed!
  2. Wendaful Designs – Wendaful Designs is a great place to download adorable flags for your planner. Icon labels, weather stickers, water trackers… you name it and you can probably it here. She also has an adorable vertical weekend heart banner for the new horizontal EC planners!
  3. BeautyholicsAnonymous – She has a really cute collection of full-vertical-box-sized quote stickers. Sometimes you just want to fill up a blank space, or you might want a little motivivation and encouragement for the week. Full-sized quote stickers are a great way to go!
  4. IHeartPlanners – Oh my word, I just love the sidebar-sized Habit Stickers on this blog. Laura has one set that you can customize with your own habits and one that has basics such as “vitamins” and “dinner prep” already written in a beautiful script font.
  5. World Label – Check out the cute calendar stickers here. You can print them on the labels suggested or on a full-sheet label and punch or cut out the stickers yourself.
  6. Planner Envy – Need to track your weight or keep yourself in check when it comes to working out? The Health & Wellness stickers here will do the trick. She also offers a set of functional, yet colorful corner reminder stickers that don’t take a lot of room, but will help you remember to get things done. There are so many freebies on this blog that you’ll want to make a cup of coffee and spend a little time going through them all.
  7. Mein Lila Park – Sometimes you want simple, unembellished banners, stars, and pointers to use in your planner. This is a wonderful offering of colorful designs!
  8. Belinda Seline – Have you seen those sweet gold Kate Spade bow paperclips? Belinda designed a Kate Spade-inspired set of planner decorations.
  9. Me & My BIG Ideas – OK, this is the company that manufactures the new “Happy Planner” and line of coordinating products (which, from what I understand, fit quite nicely int Erin Condren vertical boxes). They are offering a cute set of printable countdown stickers. I can see these being perfect for so many different events, from parties to vacations.
  10. ThePigtails.Com – Add some whimsy to your planner with these adorably illustrated stickers. Images include a milk carton, coffee cup, cupcake, speech bubbles, and more.

And this is really just the tip of the iceberg. There are so many great resources for free planner stickers! One of my tips is to search for Project Life printables. There are tons of them out there and many lend themselves well to use in diaries and planners. 

(Oh, and don’t forget that I also have free heart labels that you can download! I just didn’t want to include them in my round-up).

Do you have a favorite source for free planner stickers? Share it in the comments!