Super Savings Saturday

cvsloot.jpgThis week I learned a valuable lesson about carefully following the flyer and comparing it to the stock on the shelves. In my defense, I was shopping at a different CVS that I never visit, but still. I messed up on the Oral B toothbrush deal this week and didn’t realize that I never got my ECBs until I was going over my receipts. I purchased the wrong one. Oh well. I still had a B1G1 coupon and hey – now we’ve got vibrating toothbrushes! LOL… I’ll chalk it up to experience. And I guess on the bright side, I can still get the monthly Oral B deal too if I want. Anyway! Here were my deals for the week:

Trip 1
2 @ $4.99 Oral B Pulsar
1 @ $9.99 Gillette Fusion Phenom ($6.00 ECB)
1 @ $2.99 Colgate ($2.99 ECB)
1 @ $9.99 Glade Wisp ($2.00 ECB)
Total $32.95

1 ($1.00) Colgate Total
1 ($4.00) Gilette Fusion
1 ($4.99) Oral B Pulsar
1 ($5.00) Glade Wisp

CVS $/$$ or CRT $5.00
Total Coupons $(19.99)
Total after Cpns 12.96
Pay with ECBs $5.98
TOTAL Before Tax $6.98
Tax $1.76
OOP: $8.74
ECBS earned: ($10.99)

Trip 2
1 @ $0.97 Dawn Ultra
1 @ $9.99 Gilette Venus ($6.00 ECB)
1 @ $6.99 Febreze Dual Refill
1 @ $6.99 Febreze Noticable Kit ($5.00 ECB when you buy $10 Febreze)
1 @ $7.99 Gillete Mach 3 Disposable ($5.00 ECB)
1 @ $2.99 Colgate Total Advanced ($2.99 ECB)
2 @ $2.99 LypSyl Moisturizer ($5.98 ECB)
Total $41.90

1 ($0.20) Dawn Ultra
1 ($1.00) Colgate Total Advanced
1 ($1.00) Febreze Dual Refill
1 ($3.00) Febreze Noticable Kit
1 ($3.00) Gilette Mach 3
1 ($4.00) Gilette Venus $4.00

CVS $/$$ or CRT $5.00
Total Coupons $(17.20)
Total after Cpns $24.70
Pay with ECBs $10.99
TOTAL before tax $13.71
Tax: $2.07
OOP: $15.78
ECBs Earned: ($24.97)

Still, I can’t complain. I now have $24.97 to spend at CVS on upcoming sales and there are some good deals in the near future (check out the forums at SlickDeals if you want to get a leg up). I also am really glad I decided to try out the Glade Wisp flameless candle because I really like it! The vanilla smells really good and the flickering light really does look like a candle. Every time I try to light candles in the house, Noah wants to blow them out, so this is perfect. (Plus, no soot!)

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  1. Great deals! I had a wonderful week at CVS too. I LOVE that place!

    I hope next week finds you saving even more money!

  2. You did great! $24.97 for next time will be such a blessing to get some items you need and want.

  3. yeah we have been using slick deals for years… amazing site!!!

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