summer vacation, day one

DSC_0079-resize Yesterday was Jake’s last day of second grade, which means summer vacation starts today. There’s already been a good bit of bickering and scolding and I’ve warned the boys that the rest of the summer will not continue like this. It’s crazy to think that I’ll have a third grader and a kindergartner come September. Noah’s very excited to pick out a backpack and lunchbox. Target already has their back-to-school supplies on display and the boys couldn’t help but peek at some of the backpack styles. I’m so glad neither are interested in the ones that look like rolling briefcases. I’ve seen a lot of kids with those and… eh, I don’t know. It’s one thing when you’re traveling through an airport, and another when you’re rolling down a hall, LOL.

Anyway, I don’t have much scheduled today. For some crazy reason the boys love returning cans and bottles, so we’ll do that, run by the grocery store, and then hit the library. I have dozens of craft ideas starred in my Google Reader (and I’ve shared many of my favorites over on the sidebar, too). Both boys will have library camp in the mornings for a week and Jake has day-long Cub Scout camp for a week. They are also going to Quebec with Drew, his mom, and his aunt this summer. Laura and I will be staying home. I didn’t think I could get her a passport in time and after thinking about it… I think it would be difficult managing her on vacation at the moment. While her night-time sleep is improving, a major schedule change (such as a long car ride to Canada) would very likely throw it all off. And there goes all of my hard work! I think it will be a special time for Drew and his mom, though. They’re all looking forward to it.

Other plans for the summer? Well, I need to get a sticker for the car so we can take the boys swimming at the lake. I’m trying to overcome my massive fear of heights and bridges so we can check out the Walkway over the Hudson. I’m sure there will be plenty of park visits and picnics and trips for soft-serv and lolling around.

What are you all planning to do during the next couple of months?

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