Summer Dishcloth Swap Package!

summer dishcloth swap packageA very special thank you to my wonderful swap partner Sarah who sent me such a great package for the Keepin’ Cool in the Summer dishcloth swap. It arrived on Saturday, but I have not had a chance to blog about it until now. Sarah sent along some delicious treats (oh, how I love biscotti!), pretty yarn, Badger Balm, a yummy smelling scrub for dry skin, soaps, blueberry syrup, a dishcloth that will perfectly match one of our bathrooms (plus she said she had one more she’s sending that she forgot to include in the package!), delicious Chex mix which the boys devoured (but don’t worry — I grabbed a couple handfuls, LOL) and lovely thank you notes. I hope I got everything.

She is down in Atlanta where it’s got to be more humid than it is up here. I’m sure in the winter we’ll be busting out a humidifier at some point (I forget what brand we have, but I know it’s not from Air O Swiss humidifiers). Today I can’t even imagine needing one though! At any rate… my spoilee, Maria also got her package 🙂 Thanks to both of these lovely ladies for making this such a fun swap!

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  1. sarah godshall says:

    I am so happy you liked your package.

    You do not bore me with your vegtable pictures I have gotten some good ideas from you on making some new dishes.


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