Summer Break is Here

Happy Monday everyone! It is our first full week of summer vacation here, so I’m trying to stick to a new schedule. We have lots going on this week, so I need to stay on task. Thought I’d get in a quick blog post before I start my running around, though. Linking up with Happy Homemaker Monday, hosted by Sandra at Diary of a SAHM!

The weather | It’s kind of an odd morning here. One minute the sky looks like it may start storming, the next the sun is out. At least the temperature is comfortable (for now). Later this week we are looking at the 90s and I am not looking forward to that in the least.

Right now I am | Sitting in the living room, typing this up. I woke up very congested and honestly don’t feel that great. My husband has been suffering with a cold for the last week and I have a bad feeling I’ve caught it.

Thinking | Today the boys are going deep-sea fishing off the Connecticut coast with Boy Scouts, so I’m hoping they have a safe trip and a lot of fun on their excursion.

Something fun or interesting that happened | A while back, Drew bought a banjo on eBay and Noah decided he was going to learn to play it. And learn he did! The kid is getting pretty good! Yesterday afternoon Drew, Jake, and Noah jammed outside for a while while we had some family over. It was really fun!



On my reading pile | I’m finishing up Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler and it’s a fun read, especially if you know anyone who has worked in the restaurant biz. I just saw that they made it into a TV series. I will have to check it out once I’m finished with the book.

On my TV | Nothing really at the moment. I do want to start watching “The Staircase” on Netflix, though.

On the menu for this week |
Monday – Taco salads
Tuesday – Grilled pork chops, steamed veggies
Wednesday – Chili dogs, fries, cole slaw
Thursday – Spinach and roasted red pepper stuffed chicken
Friday – Burgers, green salad
Saturday – Out at a party

Sunday – ?

On my to do list |
Finish up laundry

Organize medical forms for upcoming camps

Reorganize craft desk

In the craft basket | I decided that I wanted to enter my Atlanticus blanket in this year’s Dutchess Co. Fair. Of course, that means I have to finish it, so I’m trying to crank away on that. Unfortunately I need to rip back a round or two because my stitch count is off. Ugh!

Looking forward to this weekCelebrating Drew’s aunt’s birthday on Saturday. Hoping for a nice day!

Looking around the house | It’s not looking too bad. I deep-cleaned the kitchen yesterday morning. The living room could use a tidy and of course, as always, a vacuum. Hoping the kids will make some progress on cleaning their rooms this week. Now that school is out — no excuses!

Hoping you all have a great week!


  1. Tamy says:

    I hope you feel better soon – nothing worse than feeling poorly during a busy week. Fun pictures of family time, looks like it was enjoyed by all. Have a GREAT week.

  2. Jean says:

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well. Summer colds are the worst! Hope you feel better soon. Deep sea fishing sounds very exciting. Love the pictures, looks like such a fun time. Have a wonderful week.

  3. Sherry says:

    What cool pics of the family playing together! I/we are not musical. I wish we were. It seems like such fun. I enjoyed reading your menu. I am stuck on the menu right now! Thanks for linking I enjoyed visiting. Come see me HHM in Texas.
    Happy 4thS

  4. Rebecca L Knox says:

    Hi, Carol! Enjoyed reading your post! Wow! Deep-sea fishing! Even though I’ve never done anything like that I’ve always thought that I’d enjoy it. Hope they had a great time and hope you are feeling much better by now. Blessings!

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