“Sugar Magnolia, Blossoms Blooming!”

This morning I went grocery shopping and as I was walking into Sam’s I thought, “Man, it feels downright balmy compared to last week!” Uh… as I look at the temperature outside right now I see that it’s only 21 degrees out. Isn’t it sad that these kinds of temperatures actually feel warm to me? Ugh. I will say it a million times between now and March 21, but man I just can’t wait for spring. I’ve been looking through seed catalogs and dreaming of planting cheerful annuals around the house. I’d love to make a planting mound on part of our yard with one of these Japanese Magnolia trees in the center and perennials surrounding it. Yeah, that’s a bit ambitious for this year, I know. But it’s fun to plan!

This year’s garden will be kept simple: a couple containers of cukes on the deck, some easy-care annuals for splashes of color, and the rest I’m leaving to my CSA. Though there’s a chance I still might attempt a cutting garden this year of cosmos, zinnia, and a couple other flowers. We’ll see.

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  1. Head’s all empty and I don’t care…I’m going to have that song stuck in my head all day now, thanks. 😉

  2. I’m just mentally planning my garden, too. I’m hoping for a bit more this year: zucchini, tomatoes in pots, lots of peas (the kids loved them) and maybe hot peppers again. I’d love to grow a few pumpkins, and maybe other squash, and add to my carnation patch so I have enough to cut for in the house.

    And every year I try to grow cilantro, but no luck yet.

  3. I know ~ I’m thinking about our garden, too. Something simple. Spring can’t come fast enough.

  4. I’ve always laughed at my perception of the temperatures outside. In the late fall as we head into winter I’ll think, “wow, it’s getting really COLD!” and I’ll start bundling up a bit. But then those exact same temperatures in the spring feel so nice and I’ll say, “oh it’s so WARM!” and pull out my t-shirts. 😀

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