Spring Is In The Air

lemons and an orange I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true — Spring is on the way! Last night at dinner time I just loved the way the sunlight was streaming in through the kitchen window. It felt so warm and promising! And although today is gray and rainy, it’s pretty warm out and the snow is really starting to melt. Ahh, I long for those evenings when I can have a drink on the deck after the boys are in bed. It won’t be long! In the meantime, today really is the perfect day to stay in and keep cozy. I have a Crock Pot of chili cooking away and it smells so good. I’m so looking forward to having a big bowl of that tonight with some cornbread (shh, it’s from a Jiffy mix!). I think we’re going to crack open the bottle of Twisted Oak *%#&@! that I gave Drew for Christmas. I’ve been waiting and waiting to drink it. I’m also thinking of baking Sugar Cookie Cake for dessert. That sounds so good to me today!

Aside from that I just need to take care of some laundry today — easy enough. I should have time to knit, as well. I’ve been doing a lot more projects around the house and just trying to stay home because gas is just so expensive. I think we paid $3.25 the other day (something close to that at least). I’m really trying to consolidate errands and not go anywhere “just to get out” like I used to do. It takes a little getting used to, but I’m pretty much a homebody so it’s not that bad.

We’ve been thinking about replacing the Jeep Liberty soon, and are very interested in the Jeep Patriot. A local dealership has a couple and there’s a nice looking one with just the basic car accessories that Drew is eyeing. We don’t really need “the towing group” or “the music group.” Just your standard stuff will suit us just fine. It gets better mileage than the Liberty, but it’s still 4-wheel drive (which we need living where we do). We’re seriously thinking about it. Maybe once our tax refund comes in…

Hope everyone’s week is off to a good start!

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