Spring Cleaning: Dining Room

Well that was easy! Of course, I have a bunch of stuff I still have to put away, but the room itself is nice and clean. Here’s what I did:

* Hung up coats in coat closet, brought misc. junk in the den to sort through this afternoon
* Swept
* Microfiber mopped
* Washed the floor
* Dusted the furniture and cleaned with Orange Glo
* Switched around some decorations

And the proof, of course. (I can’t believe I’m showing these… ugh, so embarassing!) Before:




And after:



I also just put together a few finishing touches to spruce things up a bit. I went “shopping” in other parts of my house and moved things around. This runner was in storage with old linens. The candles were on the sofa table. And the pitcher and bowl (a bridal shower gift from my grandmother) were in our bedroom. I thought the pansies were perfect for spring! Once our forcythia blooms (probably not until late next month), I’ll snip some stems and put them in the pitcher.


I also just switched things around on the sofa table. I found a doily yesterday, and I moved the tealights that were on the dining room table. I also moved the vase (with dried flowers from Valentine’s Day!) from the side to the middle for some height.


And finally I grabbed a few vintage books from the basement to add a little color and lift up the wine bottle light that my sister-in-law’s mom made for me. I think it stands out more this way than just on the table.


And there you have it! The change isn’t dramatic, but it sure feels nicer to me! Now I’m off to grab some lunch so I can start putting away all the random doo-dads that found their way into the dining room and made it such a mess!

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Dining Room

  1. Lisanne

    OK … can you please come over again and redo our house??? hehe 🙂 It seriously looks FANTASTIC, Carol. You did *such* a great job! I love the books underneath the wine bottle. Never would have thought of doing that. And the pansy pitcher is gorgeous … so is this new blog design! I don’t know that we can put stuff on our dining room table just yet, with the kids … Meredith can now climb up onto chairs … UGH!!! 🙁


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