So tired

I am beat. I have just about finished picking up the house and them I am going to make myself an over-the-top sundae (Moose Tracks ice cream, bananas, hot fudge, whipped cream, and a cherry — or three — on top). Do I need the extra calories? I most certainly do not, and I know I shouldn’t be pulling the “well I deserve it” card, but you know what? I want it, and I deserve it. Noah decided that 4:15 was an acceptable time to rise this morning, so both Drew and I have been up since. Because I had no choice, I went to the grocery store to get fresh produce and dairy for the week. We are currently in the “can’t take Noah anywhere” phase; five minutes in any store and he goes nuts — crying, screaming, wanting to walk, nay, RUN everywhere. It just doesn’t work anymore. Jake went through it and I know it will pass, but for now we’ll have to figure out a new shopping routine.

And it was basically just one of those days. I was trying to get a good bit of writing done today and all Hell was breaking loose: strawberries smooshed into the carpet (thank goodness for Resolve carpet cleaner — I should own stock it in), jumping on the bed, crayons everywhere. Of course I tried to stop each and every incident, but my two adoring sons now know how to gang up on their mother. I am in serious, serious trouble.

Anyway. It was one of those days. And sometimes those days require ice cream. And then promptly falling asleep. Zzzz.

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  1. As far as I’m concerned, working mothers deserve a medal. You really did deserve that ice cream! Besides, you work it all off chasing after your boys.

  2. I *soooooo* know what you mean about that “not being able to go anywhere” phase. Lucas went through that ~ the grocery store, specifically. One day, when I was about 37 weeks pregnant with Meredith, Lucas tested my patience *so* much that I literally started bawling in the middle of Super Wal-Mart. 🙁 I wasn’t even half done with my shopping and just walked out. It was insane. He was throwing everything out of the cart. Thank goodness he’s not much like that anymore … but there are other challenges now that he’s two! hehe 🙂

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