So… “The Office”

I was a little disappointed by last night’s “Office” premiere. At the end of last season, I feared that this season the show would start to go downhill and I have to say that the new episode didn’t impress me too much. There were a couple funny moments, but overall… eh. I also thought it was interesting that the main story line in last night’s episode was a contest among the Dunder-Mifflin branches to see which office could lose weight. The office with the biggest weight loss won extra vacation days. Why is this interesting? Did you notice all the commercials promoting “The Biggest Loser?” Coincidence? I wonder… Seemed to me like NBC was trying to make a little connection there.

Anyway. I’ll keep watching because aside from “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report” there is little that interests me on a regular basis. Hopefully “The Office” will pick up steam.

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  1. See, now I thought it was pretty damn good. And I thought the proposal was sweet.

  2. I liked the proposal. I have to say I enjoyed the weight loss competition, because two of the offices I’ve worked at had weight loss competitions. To say people got a little…crazy…about it is the understatement of the century. Too funny!

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