So how did he do?

For his first night in the twin bed, we think he did super-great!!! He settled down very easily (he was most “stressed” about where to put his sippy cup — we just put it in the corner and he was happy), and did not wake when we put Jake to bed. He started calling for me around 2:30 so after a few minutes I went up to check. He seemed wide-awake (argh!) but I’m going to guess it’s because the room is so “bright” from the nightlight Jake uses. Noah has never needed a nightlight, so that will be an adjustment. I explained that it’s still time to sleep and without too much difficulty convinced him to lay back down. He kept tapping his Glow Worm toy for a whlile but did go back to sleep until about 5:10. Not bad for the first night! I hope it continues like this. I am very much ready to disassemble that crib!

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Wow! Awesome! Too cute that he was concerned about his sippy cup. LOL! 🙂 Maybe a cupholder attached to his bed somehow? (Note to self: need to invent that … toddler beds with sippy cupholders!) I hope that every night will go as smoothly!

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