So Gross

The mustard was one thing, but now the condiment obsession has moved on. And not for the better. It is not even 5:30 in the freaking morning and Noah is insisting on eating ketchup. Straight. (If I am lucky I can convince him to dip crackers in it, but really all he wants is the sticky tomatoey stuff). I don’t get it.

2 Replies to “So Gross”

  1. Teagan eats her condiments off the plate with her finger most of the time, then claims she needs more for dipping. (for her it’s vegan mayo and/or ketchup)

  2. I think that may be a slight improvement from the mustard obsession. It doesn’t make my mouth pucker thinking about it. Hopefully, he’ll grow out of it, unlike my husband who likes just a little bit of French fries to go with his 10 packets of ketchup at Mickey D’s.

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