So Delicious!

Since Jake had a very long long-weekend, we decided to head up to Massachusetts and visit my family last Friday. On top of seeing everyone, Drew and I were able to use a gift certificate to Rovezzi’s restaurant in Sturbridge. Now, for years I have heard how great this place is and finally I was able to see/taste for myself.

Oh. My. God. I want to go back, like, tonight! Everything sounded delicious. It was so hard deciding what to pick, but I ended up ordering the pumpkin and walnut ravioli in a sage cream sauce. It was absolutely divine! Drew had grilled salmon on a bed of lentils, bacon, and brussel sprouts, with some kind of sauce. I don’t enjoy salmon much but even I have to say how good it was. For dessert I got creme brulee (my favorite), which I throughly enjoyed. Drew got some crazy ice cream concoction that looked awesome. We probably should have gone shopping for treadmills after such an indulgent dinner! Their homemade foccacia bread was amazing as well. I am so glad we had the chance to go, and we will no doubt return. I think I have a new favorite restaurant in WMass!

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