Ah yes, I will be sniffling and coughing my way through Christmas, I think. I have yet another cold. Hopefully it’ll be over by the 25th, but my hopes are not high. Usually my colds drag on and on, but you never know. I stocked up on Thera-Flu today so after the boys are in bed I will be relaxing with a cup of that. It makes me incredibly groggy so there’s no way I can take it during the day, especially since I need to pick up Jake from his sugar cube house class tonight.

While at CVS (buying the Thera-Flu and some other random things to use up funds in Flexible Spending), I saw that they have a Chia herb garden! Laugh if you must, but I have been wanting one of those for years. I almost picked it up, but then remembered that there are CVS coupons you can print out (like $5 off a $10 purchase — something like that), so I’ll have to remember to go back with one of those since it’s really not something I need. What is it about this time of year that makes me think about wanting to grow things? Perhaps it’s the cold and dead landscape outside. I’m craving green. Maybe this year I’ll actually have my act together and have a small garden. I’d like to, that’s for sure. I’d like to plant radishes, plum tomatoes, cucumbers, some herbs, pumpkins, maybe some onions, and maybe some peppers (both of the bell and the hot varieties). I’ve never had a lot of luck with peppers though, so I was looking for more information on them (go to this site for a quick tutorial). Nothing fancy, just the basics. And then if I’m successful I’ll get more adventurous the year after.

But until then I think I’ll just have to wait for my seed catalogs to arrive and sketch out some ideas while I shove tissues up my nose. 😉

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  1. Ugh ~ I’m sorry that you have a nasty cold! That sucks! 🙁 Hopefully you’ll feel better soon. I’ve never tried TheraFlu … will have to investigate that sometime (although hopefully I won’t need it anytime soon!). So it really works? I got a Chia Herb Garden last year from my inlaws for Christmas, and it really works! I think that the thyme did the best, from what I remember.

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who has always wanted a Chia product!

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