sniffly saturday

vapexIt shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve caught a cold, especially after Noah was sick all week. But it’s still a bummer. I have the same lovely post-nasal drip that he is still fighting. And I’m also ridiculously exhausted today, even after sleeping in until 7:30 (thank you again, Drew, for getting up with the munchkins). I had planned on cutting out fabric to sew up some baby bibs today, but my motivation level is at absolute zero. I did drag myself to the store with Drew, who wanted some velvet to cover something on his amp. So at least I managed to buy the snaps I need for the bibs, as well as a couple zippers for pouches I plan on making.

We also need to drag ourselves to church this afternoon. Jake wants to attend the “Summer with the Shepherd” day camp that our church offers for CCD students for a week in the summer and registration is after this weekend’s Masses. Plus, we should probably make ourselves seen since I will need to make that call about having the baby baptized later this summer. I’m afraid the priest is going to have no idea who we are — oops! Anyway… after that I plan on getting into my jammies and more than likely heading to bed early. So much for all the stuff I wanted to work on this weekend!

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  1. Lisanne

    I love the cute “vintage-y” graphics that you always find to accompany your posts! 🙂 SO sorry that you aren’t getting to do the things you had planned this weekend. May you feel better soon. I sure know what you’re going through, unfortunately. I have pink eye in both eyes in addition to this cold and PMS!!! 🙁 I thought it would be fun to go to Friendly’s or the local cafe as a family and have breakfast/lunch, then go to the park and fly kites. But, I feel like CRAP.


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