Sneezing My Way Through The Day

Ah yes… the first cold of the season. It hit me yesterday 🙁 Actually, Tuesday night I started to feel under the weather and had a terribly sore throat, and when I woke up well… it was downhill from there. But my amazing husband did all the cooking and offered to watch Noah so I could make a run to Shop Rite. I didn’t really feel like it, but there were a couple really amazing sales I wanted to take advantage of before the weekend. I went to bed early last night and I feel a bit better today. I am still sniffly and not on top of my game, but I’m in much better shape than yesterday! So how about a bullet list of what is new at Chez Carol? 🙂

  • Today is Jake’s open house at school. He absolutely loves 1st grade and Drew and I have really noticed a change from last year. Maybe it’s because a few, er, “excitable” children are in a different class this year. But he is calmer and seems more focussed, so that’s great. Hopefully there won’t be any surprises from his teacher!
  • This weekend I am hoping we can all go and pick apples and raspberries at Greig Farm. I’ve got a baking itch that only apple crisp can scratch!
  • Drew has laid out the bluestone hearth for our wood stove and it is going to look so nice! Just a couple weeks until it is installed. I can’t wait.
  • Which reminds me that I need to order our sectional soon. We saw a very cool one that has built-in cup holders and recliners, but we’re not really looking for home theater seating, LOL. My style is a little more traditional. The one we’re getting is a sage green and has a chaise on one side. Oh, it’s going to be so wonderful in the winter to curl up with an afghan, the fire going in the wood stove, a cup of tea or cocoa, all while knitting or reading a good book! Anyone want to join me?
  • Speaking of books, I have let my curiosity get the best of me and I reserved a copy of Twilight by Stephenie Mayer. I first heard about it over on Sandra’s blog and then my friend e-mailed telling me that I HAD to read them. (She and I were voracious V.C. Andrews fans back in middle and high school!). Of course, there are something like 75 holds for the book in the Mid-Hudson system so it might be a while, LOL!

I guess that is about it. Oh, before I forget, today is the last day for my Holiday Giveaway! And a special hello to anyone finding their way over here from Monica’s wonderful blog, The Homespun Heart! She is writing a wonderful series on Christmas crafts and I am going to make the felted dryer balls she wrote about today.

Well, off to get some ironing done!

5 thoughts on “Sneezing My Way Through The Day

  1. zenon

    Hey if you are giving stuff (never have enough stuff) I will take some of that apple crisp nice and warm with a scoop pf ice cream.

  2. Ruth

    I added myself to your give away. I will be putting your blog in my favorites. I came here from Monica’s blog and I love her dryer ball idea. It’s so great.

  3. Kathy

    Mike and I took Sarah and Jack apple picking last weekend. I’ve already made 2 pies and might be making some crisp tomorrow if I get other things done.


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