Slower Than Molasses

Yep, that would be me today. I have a great story about Drew’s grandmother. The first Mother’s Day I spent with them, we all had lunch at Drew’s aunt’s house. Laura (Drew’s grandmother) was very anxious for coffee and dessert and apparently his mom and aunt weren’t clearing the table and doing dishes fast enough for her. Mind you, she was in her high-90s at the time. Probably 97 or 98. So Drew and I are sitting at the table with her, and his mom and aunt are right there in what was a very small kitchen. Laura said to us, “Have you ever tried to pour out molasses? Do you know how slooooow it is?” LMAO! Just thinking about it cracks me up, even now. She was a spitfire, that lady.

Anyway, yes — that would be me today.  Despite the fact that I fell asleep while watching TV, was in bed by 9 p.m., and got to sleep in a little this morning (6:20 as opossed to yesterday’s 4:30!) I just cannot rally. I made myself finish up my feature article first thing this morning, so at least that’s done. I have tons of laundry to fold, though. I’d love to just relax on the couch this afternoon while watching reruns of A Haunting (God, I love that show!), taking count of the number of commercials for weight-loss class action suits, medical malpractice suits, and immigration lawyers (they really do have the weirdest commercials on in the day). Oh, and let’s not forget the cash-for-gold ads. Those are the best! But really I should tackle this laundry.

I might also try to garner enough energy to run out to Wal-Mart this afternoon. I was tipped off by Trina at Fabulously Frugalicious about these $5 scarves they have there. I’ve really been into wearing scarves lately, mostly because I’m bored with my maternity clothes and scarves add a little bit of interest. Anyway, last week I bought a fuschia one and I love, love, love it! In fact I’m wearing it right now. There weren’t many left so I’m hoping to pick up at least one more.

I think we’re also scrapping the penne vodka tonight. Last night D. suggested going out for dinner, but decided to just cook what I’d planned after all. But since today is boneless wing Thursday at Buffalo Wild Wings… Well, we’ve decided that if I go out I just might have to pick some up. So we’ll have those with a salad or something instead. I’m missing the cream and shallots for the penne anyway.

As for my afghan, thanks to everyone who left compliments on it! I haven’t worked on it any more this week, but I plan on bringing it up to my parents’ so I am sure I can work on it a bit there. And that is pretty much what’s going on here!

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  1. I definitely want to make some penne a la vodka sometime now that you’ve mentioned it ~ maybe this next week. Might add some chicken and broccoli to it, too. Mmm.

    That molasses story is *so* funny. She was quite a pistol! 🙂 Our molasses in the grocery store comes in a paper carton kind of like a milk carton. Isn’t that weird?

    I just love the afghan. Pretty colors, and it looks super warm. I haven’t attempted making something really big like that. So crocheting is faster than knitting?

  2. Hi Carol! You know, we tried that cash-for-gold thing, and it’s legit! I had all of this hideous jewelry that my mom passed down to me — it didn’t have any sentimental value, she was just unloading it on me. I think we only got $22, but it was better than a pile of crappy jewelry, lol!

    (BTW this is Darcy…using my “blog code name” ;))

  3. I have never had penne vodka lol… but that is a great story about his grandmother…

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