sketchy waiting room

This morning I had my final dental appointment to correct the various decay and cavities that I inflicted upon my teeth thanks to a couple years of neglect. Sigh… But at least it’s over. My jaw is currently sore, but at least the Novacaine has worn off. It took over four hours to wear off completely! I guess that’s a good thing in a way. I certainly didn’t feel any pain while the dentist was drilling and filling.

At any rate, the waiting room was filled with quite the cast of characters this morning. This dental office is rather large and it’s in (what qualifies for) “the city.” It’s as urban as it gets up here at least, LOL! Though it wasn’t quite as bad as when I had my wisdom teeth pulled. That time there was some weirdo who kept trying to talk to me after I’d had my teeth yanked (hello – I couldn’t talk!). I’m one of those people that seem to attract random conversations. When I was in college I worked at CVS and one time this lady came in and bought a certain brand of lotion. With the sale and coupons she got it for next to nothing and I remarked that she got a great deal. She proceeded to launch into a 15-minute explanation about her eczema treatment and why she used this particular lotion. I kid you not. Of course the store was also dead that evening so I could do nothing but listen and nod politely.

So at least I didn’t have to feign interest in anything. I was called back to the dentist’s chair just as soon as I signed in. Thank goodness.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about peat around hydrangeas. One of ours doesn’t produce a ton of blooms, so we’ll try that!

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