Six Unspectacular Quirks

The lovely Sarah over at Sarah’s Musings has a fun meme up on her blog. And since I’m trying to kill a little time before I go home from work, I thought I’d steal it from her! The rules are:

* Link the person who tagged you (CHECK!)
* Mention the rules in your blog (CHECK!)
* Tell about six unspectacular quirks of yours (CHECK!)
* Tag a new set of six following bloggers by linking them (I’m breaking the rules on this one – if you want to do it, by all means do and let me know, though!)

1) Seeing any kind of “-tini” on a menu (e.g., appletini, chocolate martini, etc.) makes me cringe. A martini is gin and vermouth. If you’re mixing up something else, give it a name and call it a cocktail.

2) I can’t go to bed with dirty feet. A lot of times (especially during the summer), I prefer to shower in the evening, but if I don’t I have to at least wash my feet before bed. Along those same lines, on the days that I change the sheets, I always take a shower or bath before bed.

3) I am a stickler for promptness. I am always on time (well, with the boys I am always within five minutes at least), and I expect that from other people. It’s not hard to call if you’re going to be 15-20 minutes late. I’m always amazed by the parents that show up late for events. Get it together, people! It’s not hard!

4) I love anything and everything food & wine related. I will try almost anything once. I remember ordering squab in France and I was so hesitant about my choice. As it turned out, that was one of my favorite meals while we were there! I like to take chances.

5) Although I have a well-known obsession with fun socks, I also really like to be barefoot or wear sandals or flip flops. I have far too many pairs, LOL!

6) I have to get dressed every day. It doesn’t matter if I’m home with the kids or sick, I never stay in my pyjamas. Even if I just put on jeans and a nice tee-shirt and a little bit of make-up, I immediately feel better. I guess I’m a bit of a girly-girl that way. I think that living with a houseful of boys has had an effect on me.

So there you have it!


  1. Sarah says:

    Did I write your blog for you? I so concur with every single one of your six quirks! I am always on time (or early), though I enjoy cocktails shaken with ice and served in a martini glass, a “martini” will always be gin, vermouth, and a big darn olive, I LOVE wine and food and anything related to them, and I won’t leave the house (unless deathly ill or heading to the hospital) in anything elastic-waisted. I must be dressed, with a swipe of lipstick and a brush of mascara. It’s just the way I am.

    Thanks for participating and have a great week!


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