Shower Favors

picture-302.jpg So today my two big projects are 1) moving my clothes from the closet in our “old” bedroom to the closet in our “new” bedroom and 2) making a dent in the shower favors (pictured here — they’re jar candles that pick up the colors in K’s invitations, and I’m just tying a raffia bow around the lid of each one). I think my plan will be to work on the closet during the day, since that’s easier to do with the boys running around. (I am so super excited to have my own closet! Currently Drew and I share one, but the upstairs bedroom has two large closets, so my stuff won’t be crammed by his anymore! And I’m not even kidding – he takes up way more closet space that me). The shower favors I should be able to do tonight while watching TV. I can’t believe my brother’s wedding is just over a month away! I imagine they’ll be sending out their wedding invitations soon. Aw, it seems like I was just coaching him on diamonds! I am super excited for all the upcoming wedding-related events. They’ll be here before I know it!

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