shiny happy washcloths

dishcloth create-along

Hi. My name is Carol and I have an addiction to dishcloth cotton yarn. There, I’ve said it. I’ve come clean. But tell me — how can you resist picking up one of the wonderfully yummy, colorful, and cheap skeins of Sugar ‘n Cream yarn? Perhaps you’re a stronger woman that I am. But when I saw that Melissa was suggesting a washcloth create-along, I was pleased as punch to have a nice selection of yarn to work with! Washcloths are my go-to project. They’re quick. They’re as easy or challenging as you want them to be. And they don’t require expensive yarn or lots of concentration (necessarily). And wouldn’t you know? I need to replenish my stack! So for the next two weeks I’ll be working up these babies as well as finishing up Colonnade.

In fact, last night I started and nearly completed a washcloth while watching a couple episodes of Weeds. (We’re getting Season 5 via Netflix). See?

dishcloth create-along

This is the pattern I’m writing up for you. It’s easy and it’s probably out there somewhere already because basically it’s just a crochet stitch, but that’s okay. Here’s a closer peek:

dishcloth create-along

The yellow is a wee bit bright, but it’s very cheerful too. I think paired up with some blue cloths it’ll look great in my newly-painted kitchen. No, it’s not painted yet, but within a month it will be. And I think I’ll be switching the color scheme of all my accessories from burgundy/gold/dark green to blue and yellow. I’m going for more of a French country feel. I have a few things that we bought on our honeymoon in Bordeaux and they’ll all blue and yellow so I’ll be taking those off the shelves. And a while back my mother-in-law gave me some blue glasses she no longer wanted. Those will be perfect along with my white dishes. Voila! Instant kitchen makeover!

6 thoughts to “shiny happy washcloths”

  1. Can’t wait to see the pattern! It looks really pretty! I love all your choices of yarn color, too! (I’m also a cotton dishcloth yarn addict!)

  2. I too have an addiction to dishcloth yarn. I love it! It is one of the least expensive things to make. I can buy the yarn for $1.79 and that makes 2 dishcloths. I have a whole bag full of yarn to make and about 24 patterns to play with.

    Happy Dishcloth making!!!

  3. Oh that looks great! I would love to try that one. & the yarn looks great. I like the first varigated one in the basket. I am so itching to get hold of some of the sugar and cream stuff. Very rare in Aus but I have found one place with it, & I am trying hard not to buy it. Putting it in the cart all the time if fun but not quite satisfaction!!! lol

  4. YAY! I see that I am not alone with the dishcloth yarn addiction. Really, sometimes it looks so cheesy, but I CANNOT STAY AWAY FROM THE BRIGHT COLORS!! And a dish/wash cloth is always a safe way to get out my compulsive need to play with the sugary and variegated colors. Plus, I always grab a cheap little ball of the stuff when I walk past it at the local mega mart!

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