How big does a strawberry really need to be? I am almost afraid to eat this! I try to buy in-season fruit, but strawberries are the exception since Noah loves them so much. I look forward to normal-sized, local strawberries in a few months, that’s for sure.

In other grocery news, it looks like my Stop & Shop is going to be trying out a new self-scanning program. Dara wrote about her experience shopping this way and I’m eager to give it a go, myself. First there were the credit card machines where you scan your card yourself. Then, self-service aisles. Now this. I usually only pick up a few things while I’m there, so this new method might work for me. Have any of you tried something similar?

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  1. I just bought strawberries at the grocery store this morning, and they too were HUGE! I *love* our locally grown strawberries that are so cute and tiny. The tiny ones have a *lot* more flavor, in my opinion.

    Hannaford has the self-scanning thing. It’s *so* convenient!

    Hope you’re having a good day so far!

  2. I want to try the self scan too .. the less I have to deal with people the better. Even though , as you know, I am a people person .. I have people skills ..

  3. We have the self scanning program at our local ones. Stop N Shop is big in Queens. It’s the main supermarket. Funny since it’s a New England company. But they knocked out all the Key Food’s. It goes fast once someone gets the hang of it.

  4. That is one BIG straberry !!!

    I loooooooooooooove the self scanning checkouts at my grocery store. I use them EVERY time !!!

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