Seeking a Push Mower

So my latest conquest is looking for a (preferably cheap or free) push mower. Yeah, yeah I know – why, right? We have a rather large yard and a lawn tractor which we use to mow it, but we also have some rather awkward areas where the tractor can’t go. So I’m in the market for a push mower. Plus, it’s good exercise, right? In the summer I would so much rather be doing yard work outside than be one of those people in the gym walking on treadmills. Of course I realize that not everyone feels that way (or has a need to work outside!), so nothing personal again treadmill-walkers, LOL! I still love my recumbant bike so I guess I really shouldn’t talk. But yeah. I’ve been keeping my eyes on our local E-cycle (similar to Freecycle, but not related to it because of trademark issues). One was snatched up the other day before I had a chance to reply, but I think it’s likely that another one will show up on the list. They always seem to. I could check Craigslist too. I never think of that! Otherwise I’ll be out there on my hands and knees with a pair of scissors, LOL!

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