second grade!

mr. second grader Today was Jake’s first day of second grade! He was so excited to go; for the last week he’d been counting down the days until school starts. I let him pick his clothes (within reason, of course). After all, second grade means more independence, right? We have the schedule down-pat now since we’ve been doing it for two years. It also helps that our morning schedule didn’t change much over the summer. Everyone is an early riser here, so I kept breakfast time the same and most days we all were dressed by 7:30. Doing this made getting back into the swing of things much easier.

The post-bus report was overwhelmingly positive! In contrast to the last two years where, when asked “What did you do in school today?” Jake replied, “I don’t know,” this year he rattled off almost too much information. Apparently attendance took much longer than it usually does, his specials “go like gym art gym library music,” his teacher is either 54 or 57, and he has several old friends in his class. Also, a friend who had this teacher last year told Jake that she has a party every month. Not sure how much of an exaggeration that is, LOL! This year he sits at a desk, not a shared table and he is thrilled about that. They are not allowed to share school supplies and he has to turn his chair upside down onto the top of his desk at the end of the day. There seemed to be no talks of PS3s, other video games, or Bakugan. Yet. Regular homework starts next week.

As you can see, he was totally relaxed about the day:
noah & jake

I didn’t get weepy or anything as he got on the bus; that’s just not me. I often feel weird about it because most other mothers recount how they cried sending their children off to school, but that’s just not how I’m wired, I guess. We’re looking forward to a great year!

off to 2nd grade

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  1. That’s awesome – I’m glad he had a great day! I can’t wait for school at my house, but we have a ways to go. 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that it went well!

  3. Fun recap. I need to type one up tonight myself. Alyssa had a great day too and Tristan seemed to have fun as well. It’s much harder getting information out of Tristan than Alyssa (it’s NEVER been hard to get information out of Alyssa), so I’ll have to chat with his teacher at some point.

    Glad Jake had a great first day too. Can’t believe he’s in 2nd grade. Funny how our kids are almost all the same age, but due to their birthdays and school cut off dates they are all either in 2nd or 1st grade.

  4. Jake looks so cool and relaxed!! Glad that he had a good first day and hope the rest go well, too.

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