Saturday Chit-Chat

hostaAh, the weekend! I know people say that once you have kids all the days are the same, and to an extent that’s true I guess. But to me there is still just something special about the weekend 🙂 Today is gorgeous outside! A little humid, maybe, but the sun is shining and it’s not terribly hot. Though man — did we get some serious rain storms last night! It was like a monsoon out there with the wind and all.

What are you all doing this weekend? This afternoon we’re going to a birthday party at a nearby park. Go figure, I’ve never been there, so it’ll be fun to check out a new place. There’s a swimming lake there so if it’s nice, that might be something to do on warmer days. We shall see. Other than that, I plan to work on addressing Laura’s birth announcements. She’s 6 weeks old and so I feel awful that I don’t have them mailed out already. Oh well. They’re very cute, though!

Maybe tomorrow I’ll make another attempt at grilled pizza. The last time I tried this, the pizza didn’t come out so good. My crochet bag is coming along well. The boys both love it because it’s so colorful. Noah said, “Wow, your bag is mega pretty!” LOL!

I guess that’s about it. Time to start thinking about lunch. I think I’ll have some of the leftover slow cooker fried chicken drumsticks I made the other day. The flavor is fantastic! But they weren’t very crispy. Maybe a warm-up in the toaster oven will help. I really liked them and so did Jake. Drew didn’t try them (he’s not crazy about meat on a bone) and Noah ate them, but with much coercion. Anyhow… have a great day!

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  1. And I thought Ben was the only one that had the issue with eating meat on the bone. Glad to know I’m not the only having to deal with it.

  2. ok those chicken legs look good… need to try that recipe sometime!

  3. Love that photo! We got her announcement ~ SO pretty! Thank you!

  4. Thanks for adding me as a Flickr contact. Followed the trail over to your blog. Very nice and cute. Any Lucy blanket hooker is a friend of mine. Can’t wait to see her bag all finished.

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