Ridiculously Cute Baking Pans

Ironically, I’m trying not to do so much baking this fall because I don’t need the extra calories, but that doesn’t stop me from looking through cooking stores searching out new and cool cookware and bakeware. First I found this giant cupcake pan:


Now we all know that cupcakes are hot little pastry items right now. There are cupcake bakeries, cupcake decorating classes, and cupcake designs on clothing. Love the cupcake! So why not just make a giant cupcake? I think this guy might actually be a challange to cut and serve, but it is quite clever. Still, I think that the true appeal of the cupcake is that they’re little.

Then, just in time for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and my birthday (cough…), are these pumpkin cake pans:


I know I’ve seen pumpkin cake reipes before that use Bundt pans, and I guess that you could just as easily use two Bundts or mini-Bundts and achieve the same effect, but hey, I’m just looking for cute here. Also, with these pans there isn’t any wasted cake, and I think there would have to be if you used the traditional pan — you’d end up having to trim the bottoms to get the two pieces to fit together to form that plump pumpkin shape. Anyway, useful or not, these pans (both by Wilton) get my cute baking award. (If I actually had a cute baking award, that is).

2 thoughts on “Ridiculously Cute Baking Pans

  1. Lisanne

    If we were doing an autumn theme for Meredith’s first birthday, we’d *so* be buying that pumpkin cake pan! It’s awesome! Instead, we’re giving her a rubber ducky-shaped cake. 🙂 SO cute!!! I want one!


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