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As I mentioned, I hadn’t planned on going to Sheep & Wool due to weather, illness, and the situation with Drew’s aunt. Saturday (the day I’d originally planned to go) I was sulky about being stuck home even though I still felt pretty yucky. In the afternoon I began to feel a lot better so I was sulky because I was feeling better and knew from previous experience there that it would be near-impossible to enjoy myself if I brought all three of the munchkins. Drew got home mid-afternoon and we ended up getting take-out and a movie so the day turned out all right, but I was still a little bummed.

Sunday the weather was cold and rainy. Drew and Jake were at a “Show & Sell” over at William’s Lumbers for the Cub Scouts popcorn fundraiser. William’s is just down the street from the fairgrounds. When they got back around 2:30 he mentioned that it seemed like there weren’t that many people over there. I think he knew I wanted to go 😉 I said, “What the heck, right?” and threw on a sweater, grabbed my Scrunchable Scarf and headed over. Every light I hit turned green as I approached, I was flagged into a great parking spot, and the rain seemed to stop as soon as I pulled in. Even though I would only have about two hours there, it was two hours to myself, surrounded by yarn.

I hustled through the buildings and tents to get an idea of what I might want. Probably not fast enough to burn fat, but I kept a pretty good pace. I didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money because I have a pretty big gift card for WEBS. I saw a lot of pretty things, but nothing that was really calling out to me. I decided to browse through the food building and saw Cascade Mt. Winery. I hoped they might still have some of this spiced wine that I love, and sure enough they did! Even better, because the show was close to closing it was discounted, so my $12 bottle of Heavenly Daze only cost me $8. It will be so good on a snowy evening.

Wandering back through Building B, this yarn caught my eye. I don’t usually go for these colors, but… this is what was calling out to me. I think it shall become some kind of shawl or wrap. The festival was pretty slow late on Sunday and it was nice not fighting crowds. It was exactly the kind of thing I needed.

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  1. Good for you! Beautiful photo, by the way.

    I went to the Maine Fiber Frolic towards closing on the second day and it was delightfully slow and still full of goodies. I think that is the prime time to go to these things.

    You’re such a lucky girl for living so close by. Next year I won’t miss it — and I’ll be coming alone.

  2. So you and Liz didn’t get together?

    I went to Sheep and Wool on Sunday. Got as far as the gate. Realized that they don’t take cash for admission, and I only had a credit card. 🙁

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  4. Wow… That’s a great picture. Love the fall colored yarn.. with a nice Cab. How could you go wrong.

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