Ready for School

Whee! Yesterday was Kindgarten orientation at Jake’s school. There are three Kindergarten classes, and I don’t know how many children are in the other two, but there are only 20 in his class, which I think is a great number. Boys outnumber girls something like 14-6, and there is the teacher (obviously) and she has an aide as well to help manage the classroom. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — I cannot get over how fabulously organized this school is! Love. It. The whole hour ran smoothly, from gathering in the foyer to getting everyone to the right classrooms, to classroom activities/snack, to getting the children lined up for their bus ride. It made me feel very good!

His teacher is super nice and has been teaching K for four years. She’s also taught grades 1-3. When we got there, the children needed to find their names and then draw a picture of themselves while we parents grabbed some paperwork. The teacher likes to put together a class “address book” to make it easy to schedule play dates or birthday parties or whatnot. After that, it was a scavenger hunt. There was a sheet of paper with six pictures and the children had to find these things in the room and then color them in. After that was snacktime (juice boxes and cookies — I wasn’t in love with the cookies, but since this was to make the kids comfy, it was okay) and a story. Then the principal took the class for their busride while the teacher went over various things with us parents. Lots of things to remember, but it’s going to be fun. Jake seemed totally comfortable and was well on his way to talking about his favorites toys and buddying up with another little boy. He’s also excited that there is another little boy in his class named Jacob, LOL…

Many of the moms seemed more approachable to me than the ones at his preschool, so I’m hopeful to make some local friends as well! He’s also all registered for CCD, and while I’m not super hot on the idea of getting too involved with anything church-related, that might be an opportunity to meet some other parents too. We’ll see. At any rate, seems like this is going to be an exciting and busy fall what with all the school and church activities, my birthday, K’s bridal shower and bachelorette, and of course, the wedding! Yay!!!

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