rainy tuesday

It’s a dreary gray morning out there. It was raining a little when I was waiting for the bus with Jake, but at least the temperature was somewhat warm (all things considered). Today I need to go to the library to return some books and DVDs. I love our little library. They have a monthly fiber arts night that I really want to start attending. They have spinning too (as in spinning yarn, not the exercise, LOL!). I think that’s cool. Our library is super small and not exactly the hang-out place that the public library was in my hometown. A friend eventually became an assistant librarian there and would tell me some of things she overheard teenagers saying. I seem to remember her once telling me she heard a girl talking about simplex herpes. Gotta wonder what that was all about! I doubt that our librarians hear much of that, LOL.

So yeah, I need to head to the library and then the grocery store when Laura wakes up from her nap. I also want to reorganize her dresser today. She still wears a lot of 3-6 month clothes, but the 6-9 month clothes are beginning to fit her and not everything fits in just one drawer anymore. Oh, and I also want to set the bed with the new sheets and bedspread. It is super pretty! I will be sure to post a photo later today. I think I might have to crochet a couple coordinating throw pillows 😉

Speaking of crochet I am going to be posting a pattern for some washcloths that I’ve been making. The credit goes to my mom, actually, and I’m not sure if it’s a stitch or what, but it’s easy and pretty and I love, love, love it so I decided to share. I just want to make another cloth or two to make sure I’ve got it all right. It’s simple but I’ve never written down a pattern before. And last night I bought the last skein of wool I need for Colonnade, so I will be casting on for that today as well. Here’s a peek at the yarn I’m using:

casting on for colonnade

I bought those two hanks of wool from Briar Rose Fibers at the first Sheep & Wool festival I attended three (four?) years ago! They’ve been waiting for a special project and I think this is it. The solid is just Patons Wool in the “mercury” colorway. I am really excited about this project! I think I’m going to work on the shawl for a few days and then go back to Laura’s dress. After a setback (no matter how minor) I like to do something else for a bit and then go back to the project.

Well, I should do something productive like wash the dishes or fold the laundry while Laura is still sleeping!

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  1. That yarn is just beautiful!!!

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