Rain, Wind, and a Chill in the Air


I’ve got to say, I do not ever remember a Memorial Day weekend that was ever this cold. I’m currently wearing jeans, a long-sleeved tee, and I’m considering throwing on a cardigan, too. Nevertheless, we’ve been having fun!

Yesterday morning we headed down to the Creek Meeting House where the Clinton Historical Society was holding a tag sale. Despite the cold rain, it seemed like they had quite a few people coming through! Not one of us left empty-handed! Jake found a brand-new Wii skateboard and Tony Hawk game, Noah was smitten with a Strolling Bowling game, Laura found a little bear to “adopt,” Drew scored on a pile of books and CDs, and I found just a couple vintage treasures.


love enamelware, but I never find it at a good price. This small pot was only 50 cents! I really liked the braided place mat and thought they looked nice together. And, of course, I couldn’t leave without buying a mini-loaf of my friend’s homemade rhubarb coffee cake!

After the sale we decided to head to the diner for an early lunch. We weren’t home for long before the power started blinking. The wind was whipping, so when we lost power… well, no one was really surprised. It wasn’t a big deal, really. We all made the best of it.

We played some music.



We built a fort.


We read a bit.


But when 4 o’clock rolled around and power still wasn’t back on, we decided on a dinner plan — pizza & PJs! After picking up pizza and soda, everyone changed into their pyjamas. I moved the coffee table over to the side and got the kids cozy. Drew built a fire. And we put a movie on my (fully-charged, thankfully!) laptop.


Power-outage pizza has no calories, you know 😉


Maybe 10 minutes into the movie I suddenly heard our fridge alarm beeping (it beeps when power returns after an outage), so we decided to watch the movie on the TV, but otherwise we continued with our plan. In fact, the kids still chose to camp out in the living room last night!


This morning I made myself a nice cup of coffee and slathered cream cheese on that delicious rhubarb bread, and we all decided to take the canoe out even though the morning was still quite cold and a little drizzly. 

The kids had a great time and now, finally, the sun is shining — yay! Although I want to just be lazy this afternoon and crochet, I should probably finish up the laundry so we can relax tomorrow after the parade. Hope you’re having a great weekend, too!


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