Rain, Rain, Go Away

Seriously, I have had enough of the rain. It’s so dreary out 🙁 I’m glad I didn’t shell out for new outdoor furniture this year — we wouldn’t even have a chance to use it! Hopefully July will be a nicer month. The kids are getting stir-crazy. At least Jake is still in school for another week, so that gives him something to do. Their last day is next Wednesday, and the following week his camps start. I hope he has good weather for them. What fun is summer camp if you can’t swim or play games outside?

Sorry, I guess I am just really cranky. And I see how stressed out Drew is trying to do everything and that just makes me feel worse. Of course, he said that I’d better just stay put because if I have another setback that’s just going to drag it out even longer. Again I find myself wishing that I was able to have delivered my babies like a normal woman instead of having to have a c-section. And of course I know that I *am* normal and plenty of women have c-sections, but it still sucks and is not my ideal. If I didn’t have to have the c-section I’d be up and around. Oh well, no use thinking about things you have no control over and can’t change, right? I swear I’d be in a better mood if the sun was shining!

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  1. I cannot get over all of this rain! I wish that I could let the kids go outside and run around, but they haven’t been able to! They are kind of going stir crazy today, too. I should look at the forecast and see if we’re ever going to get any sun soon. I’m not complaining because it’s nice to have a cool summer, but … our plants are drowning! Sorry you’re cranky. Hope you feel better soon. Anything I can do?

  2. *hugs* I felt so helpless at times after my sections, but you do what you gotta do. I’m dissapointed that was the way my kids had to come into the world too, but forever thankful it was an option – they weren’t coming out any other way!

    You’ll be back at 100% soon enough. Enjoy the extra snuggle time now with baby!

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