Animal Kingdom, New York Style

Apparently it’s Nature Day in the lovely Hudson Valley. This morning there was a rafter of turkeys pecking around our front yard. (Clearly they don’t know that Thanksgiving is coming up; either that or they’re teasing me, which is entirely possible). I was able to take this photo through the window near our front door. If I had opened the door, I’m sure these guys would have run off in a flash!

Gobble Deer in the backyard

Then, as I walked back to the kitchen I saw that one of our friendly deer had returned. (Those baby antlers are so cute!). I decided to put our carved pumpkin outside for the deer to eat. I mean, it’s only going to get gross inside, and since Halloween is over, they might as well enjoy it!

After that I realized that the gate window of the Jeep (the back window) was open and it had been raining all night, so I ran outside and put out the pumpkin for the deer and went down to the driveway to shut the window. What’s inside? (No, thank God it wasn’t a possum!) The neighbor’s cat! Argh! I chased it out, bemoaned the fact that now the stroller is wet, and closed it up. Oh well. At least I don’t need the stroller today anyway. But what is up with all the wildlife intruding on us? We live in a very rural area, but wow… somehow we’re attracting all things great and small lately. I wonder what will be next?


  1. Secretpal says:

    It’s like a zoo! Sorry I didn’t email you on the first – I keep forgetting about the first and fifteenth rule. I am going out of town this weekend and will be scoping out goodies for your next package!

    Your SP9 Pal

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