Rabbit, Rabbit

It’s November 1st. November 1st!!! How did that happen? October didn’t seem so bad, but November… The end of the year suddenly seems so close and I am feeling completely overwhelmed right now because I feel like there is so much to be done. Yes, there’s everything I need to do today because I’m leaving for W. Mass. bright and early tomorrow. There is Thanksgiving, there is of course Christmas, and there are tons of projects that have gone unfinished for the past several months. Noah has been sleeping in a twin bed since the summer, yet his crib is still up and taking up space in the sitting area where we plan to move our office furniture. Months ago we bought paint for the hallways, and it’s still sitting in the garage. I’ve been meaning to call Salvation Army since July to come and pick up our garagefull of donations.


It will all get done somehow, I know. But this whole year-end thing makes me feel like I need to finish it all up now.

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  1. I love this new layout! 🙂 I started Christmas shopping in my head.

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