Poor mice

Yes, you read that right. Although I hate mice, I couldn’t help but feel bad yesterday when I had to ruin a nest they’d built in our grill. This happens all the time, and I’m sure they are used to it, but still… I’m not giving up my gas grill just so they can have a place to sleep. There are plenty of other spaces where they can relocate! Speaking of the deck, I really need to clean off our outdoor furniture. We forgot to put our patio set in the shed this year and it’s *so* dirty. One of the projects I’d like to do this summer is put a railing around our deck (it’s very low to the ground, so technically we don’t need one, but I think it would look nicer). I’d like to make it a nice space for entertaining. Maybe a potted herb garden or something? We’ll see! So many ideas, so little time.

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