Photo Management

Well, the one thing I can say is that this year I am slightly better with getting my digital photos printed than I have been for the last two years. I have gotten prints for all my photos so far, and my last shipment from Snapfish arrived the other day, so I just need to put them in the album. I even got doubles of some of the cute photos of the boys for the grandparents. The next thing I need to do is back them up and burn the photos onto CDs. The one bad things about digital photography is that the images take up a good bit of computer memory. It’s unreal how fast those files add up! So archiving everything is my next project, which I will get around to…. at some point, LOL!

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  1. I’m thinking about going the route that you have ~ printing photos and putting them in a photo album. I think that I’m kind of over the scrapbooking thing now ~ at least, for a while. Until the kids are in college or something, and then I’ll catch up on it, maybe.

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