Pet Peeve

bogle.gif This is going to come across as really snotty and I don’t even care. People, if you buy this wine, it is NOT “Boggle” like the word game, nor is it “Boogle.” It is BOE-gul. Long “e” sound. You pretty much say it just the way it looks. I hate when someone comes in asking for “Boggle” because I don’t want to be bitchy and say, “Oh, here’s the BOGLE Chard” and yet I hate for them to continue mispronouncing it. Anyway, there it is. Now you know.

2 Replies to “Pet Peeve”

  1. I’ve never called it anything but Boe-gle (or heard anyone call it the other names). They make quite a tasty petite syrah and old vine zinfandel, though. Yummy!

  2. Why would you even say it like “Boggle”? Do people not get English language phonetics? Perhaps these are the same people who say “Mute point” (instead of “Moot”; ugh, that makes my skin crawl.)

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