Pet Peeve Time

I haven’t posted a pet peeve in a while. No time like the present, right? Today’s pet peeve has to do with customers and how they pay. I find it slightly rude when people throw their bills and their change on the counter for me to pick up. How hard is it to politely hand me the money? I have a couple of customers (both very proper women in their 60s or 70s) who make a point to wait and give their cash to me. I appreciate that. It’s just courteous, you know? And when I buy something I never put it on the counter for the clerk to pick up. I swear, one of these days I’m going to throw their change on the counter right back at them.

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  1. My first job was a cashier at a supermarket. I HATED when customers did that. Because I was 16 and a attitude-y teenager, I would pick up the money very very slooowly from the register, and each coin one by one.

    Unrelated to that, I had a customer call me a bitch one time! Looking back, I can’t believe she did that as I was only 16 or 17 the time. You know why? Because I wouldn’t give her 3 cases of pop that were on sale (limit was 2). Heh.

  2. I seriously can’t believe that people do that. I’ve *never* just thrown money at someone! Man.

  3. When you work retail, people seem to feel that they get to treat you like dirt. I had that experience working at the bookstore, quite often, and it was sooooooo frustrating. I really don’ t understand it. I am always polite to store workers, unless they are complete idiots. I generally start off by assuming they should be treated with respect, and knowing what they generally have to put up with!

  4. When I worked a cash register I HATED that. It was so frustrating.

  5. I sometimes put money on the counter, but only if I’m counting out a bunch of change and digging for it in my purse – I put it on the counter as I find it.

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