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It’s crazy to think that Laura is going to be one (one!) on Thursday. She’s such a peanut; she still rides in her infant carrier, LOL! But she’s incredibly strong. The grip on this kid is something else.

So I’ve gone back and forth about 10 times on what to serve at her party and I think I’ve finally decided on chicken Parmesan, ziti, and salad. Of course we’ll have plenty of apps on hand, too. But I can make the ziti the night before and heat it in the oven while the chicken parm is baking. Yes, I think that will simplify things immensely.

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I think I’m going to bake this chocolate covered strawberry cake for dessert, except I’ll alternate layers of chocolate and strawberry cake. My goal at every party we host is to have lots of delicious food. If our guests feel like they have to look into the best fat burner when they leave… well, then I’ve done my job 🙂

I just hope the weather holds out. I’d rather the kids play outside, so let’s hope that any thunder storms will hold off until the end of the party.


  1. Lisanne says:

    That cake looks incredible!!! I hope she has a blast at her party. Hard to believe that she’s almost ONE! When you said “apps,” I thought, “Oh! She got an iPhone!” LOL! 🙂 And then I realized that you meant “appetizers.” 😀

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