Busy book sale week

Hi everyone! It is book sale week here in my little world, which means 7 days of chaos! Organized chaos, but chaos nonetheless. It is busy with volunteers and organizing and training people how to use Square on iPads and praying for good weather on Saturday when we have all of the community groups in town set up tables outside. Well, it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, right? I also have a busy work week with a number of meetings (groan!) and book club (double groan!). Jake comes home from college this week (yay!) and Noah and Laura both have field trips so there is a lot on the calendar and I am trying not to hyperventilate every time I look at it.

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The Weather…

I need the weather forecast to stay just like this. Today is just gorgeous out, and we are being really spoiled by perfect spring weather over the past couple of days. I don’t want it to get hot or humid… just like this is fine! 

As I look outside my window…
The highway guys are mowing the field next door and birds are flittering around the feeders.

Right now I am…
Checking email, chatting with with my co-workers, typing up this post

Thinking and pondering…
Thinking about some friends who are facing some tough personal challenges right now and how much I admire their grace and strength.

Listening to…
There’s a group of ladies who meet once a month to paint and I’m trying not to eavesdrop on their conversations, LOL…

How am I feeling…
Relieved but nervous, if that makes sense! Last week I had to reschedule a doctor’s appointment, if you remember, and I was able to get in first thing this morning. The appointment has to do with some GYN issues I have been dealing with for a while now, and my doctor and I decided on a path forward that makes the most sense. So the good news is that I don’t need to go for two more invasive tests. Instead, she scheduled me for surgery in June to have a polypectomy and D&C. So I am relieved that action is being taken, but of course I am a little nervous about the surgery. I had three c-sections, but for this I will be under general anesthesia, which makes me a little anxious. It’s a common outpatient surgery, and this doctor actually is the same one who performed my last c-section, so I am extremely comfortable with her. Hopefully this all will help the variety of “lady problems,” LOL!

On the breakfast plate…
Half of a cinnamon muffin with cream cheese

On the lunch plate…
Leftover pizza

On the dinner plate…
Hot dogs, baked beans, salad. Not the most nutritious day is it? Sometimes that is how it goes, though.

What I’m wearing…
Jeans, strappy sandals, floral top, mustard cardigan

On my reading pile…
This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone

Comedy, Comedy, Comedy, Drama by Bob Odenkirk 

On my TV this week…
Finishing Season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows


Impractical Jokers

On the menu…
Monday: Hot dogs, baked beans

Tuesday: Spinach-artichoke chicken, baked potatoes, salad

Wednesday: Ham, macaroni & cheese, ramen cole slaw (Making double of this meal and delivering to a friend)

Thursday: Chicken wraps

Friday: Burgers, maybe?

Saturday: Definitely take-out after all day at the book sale!

Looking around the house…
Not too bad because I cleaned yesterday morning (yes, on Mother’s Day! It was what I wanted to do so I could actually relax later). Just some crafting stuff that needs to be put away. I dropped off a bunch of donations for the Historical Society’s tag sale and that made a lot of extra space in the dining room, so I am happy about that.

To Do List…

– Dig out Jake’s Social Security card for his summer job

– Laundry (always)

– Update summer calendar

– Set up our new outdoor gazebo (!)

From the camera…
Sadly nothing to share today…


Wishing you all a great week ahead!

The book is always better


Paul Tremblay is one of my favorite contemporary horror authors. Back in 2018 I read The Cabin at the End of the World and it was hands-down one of my favorite books of the year. When I found out that the novel was being made into a movie, I was excited, but admittedly wary. And as it turns out, rightfully so,

knock I almost went to see Knock at the Cabin in the theatre when it was released back in February, but after the initial reviews I decided to wait. Truthfully, M. Night Shyamalan movies always disappoint me and I knew I’d be purchasing the DVD for the library so I kind of didn’t want to spend the money on a movie ticket. 

Well, the DVD came out this week and I watched it tonight with Drew. Ugh… I almost abandoned it about a quarter of the way through. Drew did not read the book so he really had no idea what was happening, what the motivations were, or any of the backstory the book describes. He absolutely hated it. I was very disappointed because I wanted it to live up to how good the book was.

But, as usual, the book was certainly better.

Caviar on a Friday

All I know is that you can chop up all the onions and the whatevers you want and put it on top of caviar, but you still can’t disguise the fact that you’re eating fish eggs. Ugh!

— Carrie Fisher

UntitledThis quote really made me laugh! You might remember that for my husband’s 50th birthday a few weeks ago I gave him a variety of caviar. He loves the stuff. I can’t say I’m crazy about it. Yesterday he finally decided to try a bit and he pointed out that even though I say I don’t like it, I have never had good caviar, and I’ve never had the full experience with blinis and crème fraiche. 

I realized that he was right and he made both of us a little caviar snack before the kids got home from school.
This is Hackleback caviar. Hackleback Caviar (Scaphirhynchus Platorynchus), also known as Sturgeon Caviar, comes from the Shovelnose Sturgeon. This wild freshwater caviar is found in the Missouri, Ohio and Mississippi River systems in the U.S. The taste profile is said to be nutty and buttery.
Well, I decided to just pop the whole thing in my mouth without thinking about it too much and you know, buttery is absolutely the right description. It was so weird, but it really did seems like I was just eating a delicious mouthful of butter. The caviar was nowhere near as fishy as the other stuff I’ve tried. Of course, it makes sense — this is definitely “the real deal.”
Would I have it again? Hmm… probably not. It’s something I’m glad I tried, but I will let Drew enjoy the rest of his caviar himself.

Currently reading…

52894691234_022070b515_cI have a pile of books that I want to read right now, and I feel like I just don’t have the time! I’m doing my best, though. Here’s what I currently have going on. First, is Cultish: The Language of Fanaticism by Amanda Montell. I bought this book for the library’s collection when it was originally published, but haven’t gotten around to it until now. And actually, I’m listening to it on Hoopla. IT IS FANTASTIC.

Do you love language? You will enjoy this book. My husband once told me that I’d make a terrible cult member because I hate people telling me what to do. I’m also very skeptical. However, this book is making me realize just how much words play into the equation. And it’s not just cult-cults… it’s also MLMs, fitness crazes, and corporate culture. It really is making me think about what words I choose and when in my own life. The library world definitely has its own lexicon, and its own favorite terms and you know I am now second-guessing some of the key phrases we use. Very interesting.

The next book, which I hope to read this weekend, is This is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar and Max Gladstone. If you’re on book Twitter, you may be familiar with the crazy story from earlier this week. This guy who runs a fan account for 90s anime very excitedly posted about it and somehow the tweet went viral, people (myself included) rant to buy it, and the book skyrocketed on Amazon to #1 in Sci-Fi! Book Riot has the whole story. Twitter is pretty much a flaming garbage dump at this point, but these types of things are why I just can’t quit it. Occasionally something wonderful happens.

This time of year all I want to do is sit in my yard and read, and sadly the next month is so jam-packed with events it’s going to be hard to make the time. But I’ll grab those moments when I can! 

What about you guys? What are you reading right now?

Quick visit to Massachusetts

Since I am not able to see my mom for Mother’s Day, I decided to take advantage of my weekly Wednesday off and take a drive up to Western Mass. to visit with my parents. We had such a nice time! They came to visit for the high school musical last month, but there was still a lot to catch up on.


We went to lunch at this adorable little breakfast/lunch place nearby. I decided to try the chicken salad wrap special and it was delicious! It was full of dried cranberries and candied pecans and was absolutely delectable. I never make my chicken salad like this, so it really was a treat. The wrap was so huge I could only eat half. 

When Laura visited last month they went to this same restaurant on golumpki day and had to wait for half an hour! You can’t beat good Polish food, and I’d probably wait that long too.

After lunch we had to go over and say hello to the goats! I didn’t get a photo because they were just acting too crazy. We did not have any treats for them, but obviously that’s not what they thought!


Then we took a quick drive into town where they have flags up honoring Purple Heart veterans for Memorial Day. My folks had no idea this was being done until someone on a local Facebook group posted photos and they saw one with my great-uncle’s name on it!

Uncle Frank served in WWII and never really talked about it. After he passed away we learned a lot more about his time in the service and as a member of Merrill’s Marauder’s. Of course, after learning this, many of his health problems made a lot morse sense. It was touching to see him honored this way. We lived next door to him and my grandmother growing up (my grandfather passed away when I was a baby) so we were very close.

We chatted for a while on the back porch and then mid-afternoon I headed home. So glad I got to spend the day with them!



A secret about the buttermilk grilled chicken…

I had a few people ask me about how I prepare the buttermilk grilled chicken and I’m here to tell you… there’s really no recipe! I kind of make it different every time. Obviously, the key marinade ingredient is buttermilk, but aside from that it varies. I usually toss in some dried dill, and always lots of pepper and of course a little salt (which, of course you can omit). Sometimes I give a few shakes of herbs de provence. And sometimes I’ll drizzle in some pickle juice. 

This week I happened to have just enough homemade ranch (made with the buttermilk) that I didn’t want to toss it, so I just added more buttermilk and poured it over chicken breasts before I let them sit in the fridge for a few hours before tossing them on the grill. It’s all very scientific, right?

It just adds a really nice flavor to chicken breasts, thighs, or drumsticks and is great to make on a Sunday so you have leftovers for easy lunches during the week. Easy peasy! 

A fresh week

It is a new week so I am getting this post up bright and early, and hopefully I won’t far too far behind with my blogging for once, LOL! Hopefully you all had a great weekend. We enjoyed gorgeous spring weather here in the Hudson Valley. In addition to trying out the new boba shop in town, we took Laura to volleyball practice, did a little shopping, and did a little planning for a backyard refresh.

Today is a busy one, too… N. has his AP Calculus exam this morning, I have to reschedule a doctor’s appointment (ugh… I hate having to do that), work is going to be a busy one and then I have my board meeting tonight. So let’s get off to a positive start, shall we?

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The Weather:::
It’s bright and sunny as I am typing this out, just before 7 AM.
Monday – Sunny, 51/72
Tuesday – Cloudy 44/63
Wednesday – Sunny 39/70
Thursday – Partly sunny 45/75
Friday – Rainy 49/78
Saturday – Cloudy 53/77
As I look outside my window:::
Spring is in full bloom and I am loving it! The kids will be outside my window any minute as well, waiting for the bus.
Right now I am::: 
Chatting with Laura about styling jean shorts, LOL…
Thinking and pondering:::
If I will be able to reschedule my doctor’s appointment within a reasonable time frame.
On my bedside table:::
Water cup, thyroid pills, basket of random odds & ends
On my tv this week:::
What We Do In the Shadows
… need to start another show or two
Listening to:::
It’s quiet in the house, so just me typing!
On the lunch plate:::
Not sure yet… 
On the dinner plate:::
Buttermilk grilled chicken
On the menu for this week:::
Monday – Buttermilk grilled chicken, potato salad, zucchini
Tuesday – Turkey burgers
Wednesday – Italian sausages and pasta, green salad
Thursday –  Halal street cart chicken (copycat recipe)
Friday – Pizza maybe?
Saturday – Pot roast (bumped again!)
Sunday (Mother’s Day) – Grab something out after L’s volleyball game maybe?
On my reading pile:::
The Writing Retreat  by Julia Bartz

On my to do list:::

Some houseplant care
Laundry (never ending right?)
Plans for this week:::
Visiting my folks on Wednesday
Volleyball practice Thursday
Middle school dance on Friday
Volleyball game on Sunday
What I am creating:::
Still haven’t completed this from early April —-> Still working on Laura’s bag. I need to take an inventory of all my crochet WIPs and finish them before starting new projects.
My simple pleasure::: 
That first cup of coffee. Probably one of my favorite things.
Looking around the house:::
As you’d expect after the weekend! I’ll sort it out a bit before work.
From the camera:::
Sadly, I did not really take many photos last week and I am not at all caught up on my Copperplate alphabet, so I don’t have anything to share.
Wishing you all a good week ahead!

199. Or is it 200? I don’t even know.

Yesterday we got to Mass early and as I was sitting there, for some reason I started to think about what we would do in the case of a shooting. 

After Mass I dropped off Laura at her friend’s house, then I grabbed dinner for me, Noah & Drew, and when I got home I learned about yet another mass shooting. The 199th mass shooting of the year. Or was it the 200th? I couldn’t even be sure. But it was absolutely one too many.

When will it ever end?  Our country is so broken.

Boba tea

One of the cool things about having kids is when they introduce you to fun treats. Like boba tea. Laura had a hair appointment this afternoon and then we had about an hour to kill before Mass, so we got a really good parking spot in front of the church and then walked down to the new tea shop in town. Now, of course, Laura has already had boba from the new tea shop but I have not so I was really excited to try it.

Boba tea

She got honeydew and I got matcha. Rhinebeck, tourist town that it is, can be a little pricey but I thought the cost for these drinks was totally fair. Less than $10.00 for the two of them. They were loaded with tapioca boba and really delicious.

Boba tea

I loved this treat! We enjoyed it outside on a bench while watching the traffic go by. The weather was perfect and we were just off of E. Market St. so it wasn’t too crowded. I look forward to trying more flavors in the future!