organization challenge: week 1

Today is a snow day. Although there wasn’t much on the ground when we woke up this morning, the snow is now coming down steadily and I’m sure the roads are slick. A snow day beats worrying about whether or not the bus will make it home safely in case of an early dismissal! Anyway, with three kids running around instead of just one, I figured I’d start with a manageable organization task: re-organizing the kitchen “desk drawer” which had become a junk drawer. Check it out:

kitchen drawer re-org

This is where we keep all the basic office supplies, but no one could ever find a pen or a pencil. And no wonder! They were hidden under all this stuff:

kitchen drawer re-org

kitchen drawer re-org

There were note cards with pretty designs of art prints that I ended up throwing away because they were dirty (from stray pencils and crayons). We had three staplers in there. Three screwdrivers. Who knows how many screws, nuts, washers, and nails? It was just so much junk that I couldn’t stand it. It probably took me about 30-40 minutes to whip it into shape. Aaah, much better:

kitchen drawer re-org

I told the boys where everything is supposed to go, and I hope they don’t just start throwing things in there. This is one “hot spot” I really need to stay on top of, but having completed this one project is a huge load off my mind!
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4 Replies to “organization challenge: week 1”

  1. Great job! I’m playing along on the 52 week organizing challenge too, should be fun and productive all at the same time! Good luck 🙂

  2. Wow great job! I have the junk drawer on my list too!

  3. Great job. I also have a junk drawer that I need to reorganize!

  4. Rock on! That’s awesome! I have a similar goal ~ our message center drawer is HORRIBLE! One thing that I figured out is that the black trays from Lean Cuisine frozen lunches fit perfectly inside our kitchen island center drawer! That’s what I’m using for organization trays! 🙂 🙂

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