Oh yeah! Our vacation!

I swored I’d mentioned it here, but apparently I didn’t. In my last post I’d mentioned our upcoming vacation and didn’t bother to mention where we’re going. Last year we went to Woodloch Pines for our mid-winter vacation and had such an amazing time that we’re going back in Feburary. Seriously, I think it might have be the best place for a family vacation in the Northeast. They often describe the resort as a “cruise on land” and that’s pretty accurate. Just like on cruises, Woodloch has dozens of scheduled events every day. In the winter there are things like ice skating, snowmobiling, snow tubing, snowshoeing… They have games and classes and arts & crafts for the kids, plus a huge indoor playground. It’s so much fun! The food is amazing, too. Drew and I are convinced that Woodloch ruined us for bacon. I don’t know where they get it or what exactly they do to it, but it is the best bacon in the world. I can’t wait to go!

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