Oh Nuts

So cute… Drew and the boys are watching GI Joe cartoons and eating pistachios. Like father like son! LOL.

Things are busy here. As usual I am just trying to keep up with everything: writing, cleaning, cooking, tending to the wee ones… I have several ideas for interesting blog posts. I just have to find the time to write them. Lately when I’m writing it’s freelance work, so that’s great because it’s extra money, but it does eat up a good bit of my time. I’m working on a schedule to help organize my day better. Once Noah starts pre-school on the 12th and I’ll have to shuttle him back and forth I will certainly need extra structure.

Can you believe tomorrow is September? My goodness, it feel like I was just in the hospital having Laura. The weather today is hinting that fall is coming. I’m enjoying that but dreading the winter. But I know to just take each day as it comes!

Hope you all are well!

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