Oh, Carolina!

The other day I was talking with the dry cleaner next door to where I work. He has a house down in North Carolina and was down there recently. He’s so looking forward to when he can finally move down there permanently. It’s funny, he was saying that quite a few people from “the old neighborhood” have bought homes down there. It’s like everyone up and left Westchester for NC. It would be awesome to own a piece of NC waterfront property and be able to head down there for vacations! Drew, however, is not so much into the South, and as much as I like the idea I’m not sure it would be for me long-term either. But it’s a really popular location right now. Of course, it’s way cheaper than the Northeast, so I’m going to guess that has a lot to do with it!

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  1. My take on NC…it’s a nice place to visit, but I certainly don’t want to live there (which breaks my MIL’s heart). The summers are hot and humid…really humid. My in-laws have a pool that they basically don’t use in the month of August because the water gets too hot. YUCK. My one SIL lives in Wilmington which is both a beach town and a college town. Fun if you are young and single, not so much otherwise. Pretty much anywhere near the water is expensive and crowded. Then there’s always the risk of a hurricane and/or flooding, too.

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