Not Very “Natural Navy”

Almost done with Gift #2. Woo! I’m pleased with it, though kind of bummed that there is next to no blue in the “Natural Navy” colorway of that new Patons SWS yarn. Lots of brown, though. Yup. Lots of brown. Sigh… The whole thing is actually quite pretty; I’m just disappointed because I really did think there would be more blue, but such is life.

The boys are running me ragged today. I can’t even begin to tell you how much mustard they ate between the two of them. Yes. Mustard. Some of you know how they both love to suck it down from the bottle (gross), but at lunch today, well… just watch this. Where they get this mustard gene from, I don’t know. I pretty much only have it on hot dogs an occasionally a turkey sandwich. D. has it even less than that.

Crazy boys.


  1. Christina says:

    So cute, who cares if it is gross?
    I had a mustard fetish as a kid, too, but then had a strong adversion to it for awhile (due to eating pickle and mustard sandwiches with my pregnant mother). Nowadays, I like it, but in small quantities. Do the boys like other sour things?

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